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YCH Commissions Terms of Service Agreement

Found a YCH (Your Character Here) style auction from me, and you liked it so much you wanted to place a bid on it? That’s awesome! But first, I’ll have to ask that you read and agree to the terms laid out on this page in full prior to placing your bid.

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You must be willing to communicate through e-mail

Upon winning a YCH auction from me, you will be asked in private for your e-mail address. This will be used for all contact regarding your YCH, including payment instructions. If you don’t want to communicate with me via e-mail, then do not bid!

This is the e-mail address I will be using to contact you with: MylaFoxProductions[at]gmail.com

If you are contacted by anyone from a different address claiming to be me, they are an impostor!

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I retain rights to all complete and incomplete YCH art pieces

This means that I own the rights to YCH art pieces during all stages. You may not edit, reproduce, advertise, nor profit off of the artwork in any way. That said, you retain rights to your intellectual property (i.e. your character(s) used in the completed artwork). While I have full rights to the art piece itself, I may not use nor draw your character(s) beyond what is won in the YCH auction. I am allowed to showcase and display the completed artwork freely, as well as include it in my portfolio and possibly offer prints of said artwork. I am also under zero obligation to post nor share the artwork at all, if I so choose.

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YCH winner may display and share PUBLIC files only

Once your painting is complete, you will be provided both “PRIVATE” and “PUBLIC” versions of your finished YCH auction piece. These files will be labeled clearly in the filename and sent to you via direct e-mail attachment. Private files are typically around 2000px in their largest dimension (unless stated otherwise), and will be free of any watermarks, including my signature and website text. Public files are typically around 1280px in their largest dimension, and will contain my signature as well as website text embedded within. You may only share completed public files, unedited. Any files labeled “PRIVATE” are for your own personal use only, such as a desktop wallpaper or printed out for private display. If private files are misused, you may possibly be blacklisted from bidding on future auctions.

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My deviantART policy has been amended

You are free to display your paid, "PUBLIC" labeled art files almost anywhere online with provided credit and a link back to my website (mylafox.com). As of 2020, you may also display my artwork on deviantART as well.

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Only place bids for characters that you own

If purchasing a YCH auction, please make sure you own full rights to the character you want me to draw and paint. I will on occasion make exceptions for gift & multi-slot YCH scenarios, but I will need direct proof that the recipient of said gift provides full permission for me to paint their character in the YCH image. They will also need to agree to my YCH Terms of Service.

Note: This excludes characters from well established franchises which would fall under the “fair use” category. See below.

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Fan art and fan characters are okay!

If you request to add a character from or inspired by a pre-existing franchise into a YCH painting, that’s a-okay (so long as the painting accommodates them)! Please make sure the character falls into any guidelines set in the description of the auction, however. (For example, if I request that the character has fur, make sure the character you want drawn is fluffy!) Where I normally charge extra for fan art and fan characters in commissions, I do not charge extra for them in YCH auctions. This could mean significant savings for you, the buyer!

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I will not deviate far from the original sketch nor my style

When placing your bid on one of my YCH auctions, you understand that your character will be embedded in the provided placeholder as best and as true to the initial sketch as possible. This also means that I will not alter my style for you, and general proportions will stay the same. Keep this in mind when placing your bid and try to imagine how your character will look with the given pose and proportions. I will not stray far from the original sketch, so make sure it is suitable and fitting for your character(s) ahead of time before you bid! You may also browse my gallery to get a feel for my style and how I approach finished paintings here: FurAffinity Gallery

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I have the right to cancel your bid at any time

If for any reason I choose not to accept your bid, I am within my rights to cancel it. Though such a scenario is unlikely, an offer may then be made to the next highest bidder if the auction is closed at the time of cancellation. If the auction was already paid for, I will either provide a full or partial refund, depending on how much work was completed on the image pertaining to your character specifically.

I may also choose to cancel and reverse the transaction at any time and for any reason.

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All bids are final

When placing a bid on one of my YCH auctions, you are agreeing to pay that price within the timeframe provided, usually no more than 2 days after bidding ends. You may not retract your bid. If you have any questions you’d like to ask about the auction, or if you’re unsure about anything, you must ask upfront before placing your bid. If you bid, you commit to buy.

On that note, I understand that some things may come up, and life happens. I may make the rare exception to this rule for certain cases (an unexpected emergency, for example), but abusing this will possibly result in you being blacklisted from bidding on my future auctions. In the case that your bid absolutely must be retracted, an offer will be made to the next highest bidder.

Furthermore, if you choose to hide your bid, you will be blacklisted. Please don’t do this; it’s a pain for everyone. I however may elect to hide bids that I have chosen to nullify.

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Additional fees may apply

If your character has any specific details that I deem to be of a certain complexity level, there may be an additional 25% fee applied to account for them. This fee would be applied to the starting price of the auction only, and not the final bid (unless stated otherwise). A quick example would be if your character is to be drawn wearing complex clothing and/or armor. That said, please ask about any such complex details upfront, as I may or may not be willing to draw them!

You can get a quick idea as to how complexity fees work and what may invoke them from my commission fees page here: MylaFox Commission Fees

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Invoices are sent via e-mail upon auction close

If you win one of my auctions, you will be contacted in private and asked for an e-mail address I may use to contact you with. This e-mail address must be active and currently used by you. You must be able to receive and respond to messages at this address in a timely manner.

The final bid price will be requested from you via e-mail invoice, using my main payment processor, Square. Square does not require account creation or sign-up in order to send payment, and is currently available in the following regions: US, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Here is their website for more information: SquareUp

Square is my default and preferred method of accepting payment, but I offer other options as a courtesy if they are requested, such as PayPal.

In order to compensate me for the added time and inconvenience of accepting alternate methods of payment, there will be added costs to your final bid price. These costs are usually quite small (usually no more than a few dollars), but do be prepared to pay them alongside your final bid.

If paying through PayPal, I will need to be provided with your PayPal e-mail address specifically in order to request the total from you. This may sometimes differ from your correspondence e-mail, so please confirm this with me ahead of time.

E-checks are never accepted, instant payments only!

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Pay close attention to my auction descriptions

When posting a YCH auction, I will provide details specific to that particular auction within the description of the image itself, usually found directly underneath. These details may include specific character types I’m after (e.g. feminine, masculine, winged or not, anthro, human, etc.). I will also provide general guidelines to follow. You must read these description(s) fully before placing your bid(s). If the example character is drawn with some placeholder clothes, I may specify that I want to retain these clothes in the final painting. I may also specify whether or not the final painting will allow for tasteful nudity, or must be kept strictly SFW (safe for work and general audiences). For more information as to what constitutes as “tasteful” nudity, check my commission fees page here: MylaFox Commission Fees

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Payment is required upfront, and you may not request a refund

If you win one of my auctions, you are expected to pay within the timeframe given, usually no more than two days. Beginning and end dates are posted within the description of the image. Once your payment is received, I will begin work on your painting right away. Due to the nature of YCH auctions, I will not accept refund requests.

YCH auctions are to be completed at a faster rate than standard commissions. Expected completion window will be provided in the auction description. If we both agree to additional complex details upfront, this may add to the completion time.

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I will not provide WIP (Work In-Progress) updates at any time

Unlike standard commissions, YCH winners will not be provided previews or drafts to approve during the creation process. My goal with these is to be loose and have fun with them. This means less distractions with correspondence and more time/love devoted to the work itself. You must be willing to allow room for artistic liberties and freedom. The only draft you will receive from me is the initial draft you get from the auction itself. Being upfront and concise about the details of your character is of utmost importance here. You will have to trust my ability to implement your character into the scene as best as I possibly can while staying true to the initial composition and idea/concept.

That said, some details may change during the refining process. This includes certain background elements of the painting that I feel may need tweaking or some minor adjustments to color/lighting. This is a normal part of the art creation process and is to be expected. If you’re not okay with any of this, please refrain from bidding!

The positive to all of this is that you get a beautiful, original finished piece of artwork that comes directly from my own imagination and features your personal character fully rendered with a lot less wait time involved. I also tend to start bids at prices much lower than my standard commission rates. Furthermore, unlike standard commissions, you get to see a window to the finished product right away with less guesswork. This is a win-win scenario for both the artist and the client.

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You must have clear visual references of your character(s)

I will only accept drawn visual representations of your character(s). Character bases are acceptable. You must be able to provide me with reference materials that present enough cleanly represented details for me to paint your character(s) in the scene provided. I may make rare exceptions if for example you have clean photographs of a fursuit or cosplay, or clear 3D screenshots of your character(s), but you must inquire about this upfront before placing your bid!

Since drafts aren’t provided, I will not accept written descriptions for YCH-style auctions.

In the event that I miss a certain detail of your character that was provided by you upfront, or if I otherwise make a mistake that could have reasonably been avoided following your initial reference materials, I will correct the issue for you. Please bring it to my attention, and I will do so right away!

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Taxes are my responsibility, not yours

Any and all taxes are accounted for and included in the YCH total, so the client doesn’t have to worry about them.

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These terms can be modified by me at any time

Furthermore, each individual YCH auction may contain specific terms or agreements unique to that auction, and may alter or override those found in this agreement.

For more information on what I will and will not draw, click here.

If you have trouble understanding these terms, would like further clarification, or if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns at all, please direct your inquiries & thoughts to my e-mail contact (listed above these terms).

Thanks, and I look forward to painting your lovely characters!